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Thoughts On Skype, and Possibly Some Other Random Things

Well, I'm still here. Things are a little better this morning, but there's some swelling, and it hurts to move my mouth. So, since my fingers aren't affected, and since it doesn't seem to matter whether I'm sitting up or laying down, I thought I'd post another entry.

Yesterday afternoon, not long after I got home and before the stuff they used to numb me wore off, I was looking at emails and things. Someone requested my Skype details and the window popped up. Now, I normally don't have a problem adding someone to my contacts, if two things are true. First, I want a message stating who they are if I can't tell from their username. Second, 99 percent of the time I'd at least like to know the person, or know someone who knows the person, or whatever. I'm really leary about this kind of thing. Maybe I'm over cautious, but I just am. I'll tell that story in a little while. Anyway, this person's username was completely unfamiliar to me, and they just used the generic Skype message so I declined. About two seconds later, the Skype window opened again and this same person was calling me. I canceled the call and attempted to continue what I was doing. Whoever this was though was persistent. They called back almost immediately. I canceled again and they called me back. The more I canceled the more the person called, until it got to the point that I couldn't cancel out fast enough before they called again, as if they were trying to call me over and over without even waiting for a response. I was finally able to get Skype closed down, and it looked like that was the only way I was going to get rid of this persistent person. I don't consider myself anti-social or anything like that, but I also like to have the opportunity to choose who I talk to. This was kind of creepy, and I'm almost afraid to open Skype today in case this person is waiting for me to come on. I suppose I could have looked at their profile, but who's to say they didn't make something up? Maybe I'll change my security settings or something, who knows.

Now, for my story about why I'm really leary about who I chat with on these kinds of programs. I started really getting into email and things in about 1998. I joined many email lists to help me learn, and some of the lists I'm actually still on. There was this one guy though, who apparently worked for the federal government, (I think it may have been NASA, but I don't remember now). Anyway, I wrote a message on the list and he responded to me privately. This didn't bother me, and in fact I thought it was pretty cool that someone wrote me. He and I started talking about things, and at one point he asked me for my phone number because he wanted to talk to me about things over the phone. I thought about it, and talked to Jim. I wrote him back and politely told him no, that I was married, and that we just weren't comfortable at that point giving him that kind of personal information. This guy got extremely angry with me because of this, and his return email said something about happy paranoia or something to that affect. Paranoia was definitely used though. I didn't consider my choice paranoid, I considered it safe. I was just barely twenty-one years old, new to the Internet, and just really unsure of myself, and I did what I had to do. As it turned out though, I was right not to give him my information. Over the years I saw this guy pop up on many lists, and he constantly harassed many other people. I guess finally someone reported him to his employer, and he was removed from lists. I felt justified then in the choice that I'd made and I was glad that I hadn't given him my home phone number. Things don't always work out that way though, and many times I take chances. But, when it comes to my phone numbers and things like that, I am extremely careful.

So anyway, that's my thought process for right now. I think I'm going to go and put some chapstick on my lips because they're really super dry, and then I'm going to lay down and work on finishing It. I'm almost done with the book now, and i want to watch the other side of the DVD, but not until after finishing the book. Later everyone.
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