Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Just One of Those Days?

Have you ever had one of those days when you just would have been better off staying in bed? Well, I think today was definitely one of those days and I'm glad that it's almost over. I'm not the biggest fan of Mondays anyway, but this was just something else.

Let's see. It started off all right ... And then I got out of bed. SMILE! It was pretty much one thing after another this morning. Then, the long-awaited UPS man showed up with voyagerjc's PAC Mate. Totally cool! I opened the box in preparation to set it up for him. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. It's the wrong unit! He was sent a Braille keyboard instead of the QWERTY keyboard. Okay, so that has to be sent back and exchanged. I was told to keep the 40-cell braille display and just ship back the unit itself. Okay cool. So in the mean time, why not connect the display to my computer. Again, great idea. I connected it and it was all working right. Then I read a word that I knew didn't look right. Turns out that there's a bad cell in this display, so it's going back as well. Man, what else?

I received a call from one of the people who attended my Freedom Box demo last week. I had given him a demo disk. He called to tell me that it wasn't working? Not working? What's up with that? I pulled out another disk, popped it into my CD drive and ... Nothing. I looked at the disk and it was completely blank. Oops! Phone call time. So that got resolved.

Then I decided that I'd give the Window-Eyes 6.0 Beta a try. I went to download the file and attempted to browse to my Window-Eyes folder on my internal back-up hard drive where I keep all my downloads. What? Disk isn't formatted? No, I don't want to format the drive now! Hello!!!!! Something's definitely not right here! Fortunately it's not my main hard drive or I'd really be upset. So I went and analyzed the drive to see if I needed to run disk defragmenter. My concerns grew wen it took close to 20 minutes to analyze a 40 gig hard drive. My 160 gig drive doesn't even take that long and it's about 85 percent full! Windows finally kindly informed me that the drive was only 3 percent fragmented, so I didn't need to defrag it. Good. It's not a good idea to do that anyway if you suspect that the drive is going bad so I'll leave it alone. So now what? I don't have room on my main hard drive for all this stuff, so what should I do? Well, I went back to and found another external hard drive. 300 gigs, and with my Google discount I got the thing for $89.99. So, I guess the day wasn't all bad. That's an awesome price for a 300 gig hard drive. I think I should start buying stock in though. SMILE! So, since this new external drive is larger than my original external, that one is going to be constantly connected to my computer as my back-up drive, and the new one will become my portable drive. Should be interesting to see how all that goes.

In other news, the Weird Al CD came the other day and we put it on my computer to listen to it. One side is a DVD and it has some videos of songs and things, and the other side is a regular CD. It's a great album! If you're not sure that you want it, I'm going to recommend that you do get it. It's got some great songs!

Well, i suppose I'm going to get out of here for now. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a couple of days, so my goal is to maybe write something from the hotel tomorrow night. Not sure if that'l happen for sure, but we'll see how it goes. Later everyone!!!!

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