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Friday Night and Parties

Well, it's 5:00 PM and my weekend has officially started! I'm not at home all ready, so I'm posting wirelesly from my PAC Mate again. I figured that I'd just write something since I can. I'm going to be going to a birthday party tonight. A friend of mine has a sister who is turning 39. Earlier this year she went into the hospital because of some problems. A couple of weeks later she had 5 strokes, and they determined that she had vasculitis. She pretty much lost everything; speech, the ability to walk, everything. In the last 6 months or so she has regained very little. She is able to eat soft foods, and she can sort of push herself around in her wheel chair, and I'm not sure exactly what else. So, nonight we're going to be going to the nursing home that she's been staying in and we're going to have a party. So I'm just waiting to go for that.

Tomorrow I'll be seeing a lot of people at a meeting. We will be doing the final vote for the ACB affiliation for the state of Wisconsin. I don't think there will be any problems, but I'll just be happy when it actually becomes a done deal. Then next summer at the 2007 convention in Minneapolis, we'll be able to get our new charter. And, I'm really hoping that Jim will make it on the board. I'm on the nominating committee, and he's hoping to be on the board, so we'll see what happens.

One of my people did a really neat thing in his journal the other day where he said something about the people on his friends list. I think that was a really cool thing, and I may have to try it myself. We'll see though, depending on my wireless connections over the next couple of days.

Well, we've got to get going, so I need to post this. I don't have time to proofread, so hopefully I haven't made too many mistakes. Oh, and one other little thing. My stitch fell out this morning and things are definitely feeling much better. Later everyone!
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