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Am I Crazy?

I totally must be! My new hard drive came yesterday while I was at a meeting, and when I got back home I decided that my main hard drive is way overdue for a cleaning. Between last night and this morning, I've been copying all my important stuff onto the new drive in preparation for completely wiping my drive clean and starting over. I don't have a full installation of Windows XP, (only the version that Dell sends with their older machines, early 2004 at least), but when I had this hard drive installed last year my computer guy Ghosted my drive and created a batch file on a floppy disk. So, all I have to do is put the floppy in, reboot, and sit back and relax. This of course depends very heavily on whether my back-up drive that has the Ghosted image is still functioning enough to allow the image to work correctly. Fortunately my computer guy prepared me for that as well though by providing me a back-up image on a DVD. So, one way or another I'm going to restore my drive today. It's always kind of freaky, because as careful as I am about backing up everything, I'm always afraid that I'm going to forget something. I've finally started getting at least a little smarter though, and I keep all disks that I could possibly need for this machine in one place! yes, believe me, this is a major accomplishment for me! SMILE! So, hopefully this all goes as expected, and in a little while I'll be back up and running. If not, I'll be posting from the PAC Mate or my laptop beast, but I'm going to hope that things never quite get that desperate. SMILE! Anyway though, here goes nothing!
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