Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Domain Renewal Stuffage

Back in 2007 I decided that I wanted to do what others were doing and
take out my own domain. I decided what I wanted, and then I did a Google
search to find a place that would let me purchase the domain. I knew
nothing about what I was doing, but I was so excited about the prospect
of actually having my own place on the Internet. Three years ago I knew
nothing at all about web hosting, domains, so on and so forth, and I
figured that the company I'd picked was good since it had a high ranking
on Google.

I took out the domain for two years, figuring
that two years was such a long time, and who knew what that would bring.
Not surprisingly, those two years actually really flew by, and a year
ago it was time to renew again. By that point, I knew a bit more about
what I wanted out of my hosting provider and I knew that I didn't want
to stay with the company that I'd picked two years before.
Unfortunately, getting rid of them proved to be pretty much impossible.
Because I didn't want to lose my domain, I paid for another year.

That brings us up to this year. I decided that I was really going to try
to get out from under this company's hold this time. I followed the
instructions on the page of the place where I want my domain hosted, and
they requested from my current company that they release my domain so
that it could be transferred. They denied the request. I made a payment
to them for another year thinking that I'd keep it going for one more
year and take out a new domain that would be hosted by a much better
service. So, last week, I made my payment and waited. I received
confirmation that my payment had been sent, but nothing changed on the
site. Not only was this company not allowing me to move my domain, but
they were also not allowing me to pay for it to keep it going.

I have to say here that their site is absolutely ridiculous too. Once
you log in, nothing is where you'd expect it to be, and things aren't
clearly labeled. The page title is "My India Links", and the only
telephone contact information are two numbers and a mailing address in
India. Having dealt with their support system before, I wasn't thrilled
about contacting them yet again, but when Saturday came and I was given
my final notice and told that I would be cut off in two days, I knew I
had to do something. I opened a support ticket informing them that I'd
attempted to make a payment that they denied, and that I wanted to know
why. I also said that I'd attempted to move my domain and stated that
that request had also been denied. They wrote me back, and basically
asked me for proof that I'd made a payment. I'm a compulsive email
saver, so I was able to easily provide them with the message
confirmation of payment. This morning, they informed me that they'd
renew me, and the process completed. It's obvious to me though that
these guys have no concept of the way things work outside of India
though. They're forever referring to me as "Sir". I attempted last year
to correct them, and the support tickets from then confirm this. But,
whatever. I suppose that if they think I'm a man they'll respond to me
better anyway.

But, my point of this is that I can't wait to be done with this company
for good! They either don't understand half of what I'm asking them for,
or are choosing not to understand what I want, and they're not willing
to work with the company that I want to switch to to allow me to switch
things over. So, in one more year, will no
longer exist. It has been replaced with, and that's active

So, I'll conclude simply by saying that if you ever have the desire to
take out your own domain, if you see the company Domain Redirect, run as
far as you can in the other direction. Don't start anything with them
because you'll never be able to get out of it.

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