Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

LJ Posting

I'm sitting here at work waiting for a phone call, and I can't do
anything productive until that phone call comes, so I figured that I'd

A few weeks ago on Twitter, many people were discussing posting to LJ,
and the client that they use to make it happen. Just out of curiosity, I
sent out a tweet asking why people preferred to post via a client rather
than through email. Much of the responses were that people didn't know
that an email option existed, or that they didn't know how to set it up.
I've tried posting via a client in the past and I've found it to be
incredibly clunky and tedious at best, so I was surprised that the email
option was so unknown to people. I suspect that part of the reason for
this is that until maybe a year or so ago, Email posting was only
available to those with paid or permanent accounts. But, with the
introduction to the sponsored account, unless things have changed, email
posting is available to everyone. The instructions for posting via email
are kind of buried in the help documentation, and I don't have access to
my bookmarks here at work, but I was just kind of curious to know how
many people would find it helpful if I were to attempt to work up
something on how to set up email posting. I like it myself for several
reasons. The biggest reason though is that, no matter where I am, or
what computer I'm on, as long as I've got my LJ posting address, I can
put an entry on my page. I don't have to post from the web or have an
extra application installed on the system to make posting possible.

Email posting gives you the same ability that you get with any other
posts, so you can set your security level, include mood, music, and
location, so on and so forth.

Don't get me wrong, if a client is what you prefer, that's great. But, I
figured that since so many people don't seem to even know that email is
an option, I thought I'd offer to try to take the mystery out of this
very convenient way of posting entries. Any thoughts?

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