Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

All Together Now Boys and Girls! Can You All Say "DUH!!!!!!!"

Well, the subject line says it all. I did a really dumb thing yesterday, and I feel like an idiot. This week isn't anything like last week, but this is yet one more thing to add to my Duh files.

Anyway, yesterday I was having a lunch meeting with three people from a university and we were discussing products and services that we provide. I had my laptop out on the table demoing some products. When we got up to leave I packed everything up and we left. Today I had another demo and went to pull out my laptop. I got it out and went to look for the power cord. There was no cord in my backpack, in any of the pockets. I ran on battery power for the demo; (fortunately I had almost a full charge), and after the meeting we called the restaurant. Yes, they had the charger, no, they absolutely would not mail it to me. This place is at least an hour away from me, and we really didn't want to drive all that way to go pick it up. Well, thanks to a very nice person at the university, someone is going to pick it up and mail it directly to me. In the mean time though, my laptop is pretty much useless to me once the battery dies. Tomorrow I'm going to be in the office, and for the most part I can use my PAC Mate, and for the rest of the time I'm going to have to borrow someone else's laptop. Thursday and Friday I'm with clients, but I won't need my laptop. So, things definitely could be worse, but it's really embarrassing when something like this happens. So now I'm going to go and wipe all this messy egg off my face and find something productive to do. Just thought you guys would find this interesting; or not. SMILE!

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