Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

What's Your Job?

Since masterofmusings has been visiting me for the past
couple of weeks, we wanted to get together with one of my co-workers for
lunch. We wanted to go to this really awesome place called Mexican Village. It's a
favorite for many of us here in the office, and the chips and dip are
some of the best I've ever had. So, we met Bruce there a little while
ago. Our server seemed decent enough at first, and she seemed like she
was going to be helpful. We started asking questions about some of the
things on the menu, and that's when she seemed to start to get annoyed.
She made one comment though when we were almost through with our meals,
and I just kind of couldn't believe that she'd say something like that.
She was talking to my co-worker and she said that she'd brought Bruce an
extra Coke because, "I can't keep coming back here all the time." First
of all, there was no "back here" about it. Our table was pretty much the
first table from the door. But, and maybe I'm wrong, isn't her job to
see that the customers are getting what they need? It wasn't like she
was spending any more time at our table than she was at anyone else's,.
I just couldn't believe that anyone would come right out and make a
statement like that. I guess it'd be like me telling my supervisor that
I'm not going to run any queries because I don't want to. Sorry honey,
but it's in your job description.

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