Caroline (kittytech) wrote,


That song is going through my mind this morning, and with good reason.
Unless things change, I suspect this is going to be one of those days.
Things started off normal enough. I got up on time and did all my
morning stuff, and made it out to my recliner and the computer a little
before 5:30, just the way I like. I did my trivia, and at 6:00, again,
just as normal, the Skype call came through from masterofmusings. We had our usual morning chat while he did
trivia. At 6:15, I got up and headed into my kitchen to get my
breakfast. Yesterday I ordered a breakfast pizza from a pizza place that
I just discovered on Saturday, and I had to try the breakfast pizza. So,
I had left-over's that I'd intended to have this morning. I opened the
fridge, and a huge container fell out. Several weeks ago I'd made tater
tot casserole, and I froze most of it for a future date. Yesterday was
that date so I pulled it out of the freezer. I had some last night, and
put the rest into the fridge, figuring that I'd eat off of it for the
next few days. Well, that's not happening anymore. The container fell on
its side, and opened. I had corn, green beans, beef, and tater tots
everywhere in front of my fridge. I picked up most of it and put it back
in the container, and then ended up having to basically scrub my floor
to get the rest of it. I couldn't leave it because of the cats. So, this
basically took all my normal time that I use for breakfast. So, instead
of that really awesome breakfast pizza, I got a yogurt; something that I
could grab pretty much on the go. I finished getting ready and was out
the door.

The thing that really makes this suck though is that I'd planned for
this casserole this week, so didn't do much in the area of extra
groceries. After that stuff spent time on the floor, I'm definitely not
going to eat it. I hate throwing stuff like this away too. But, I don't
really have a choice. This reminded me though why I don't tend to
hand-scrub my floors though. My knees and back are, once again,
absolutely killing me. It's just about 8:00 now, and I'm already totally
ready to go back home. I'd love it if I could have at least one good
thing happen today to turn this day around for me.

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