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The time has come when I can officially make this announcement. As I may have said before, November 15th was my two-year anniversary at my job. This, of course, meant that I needed to have a review, and it's also the time when things start to change if change is needed. Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, the review didn't actually happen until yesterday. I think it was definitely worth the wait though and I'm really excited. There are some things that will be changing, but it's all good.

The biggest change is that I am now officially considered full-time! The down side to this is that I can't go off during the week and visit a friend for the day, do my shopping, or whatever during work time, but I knew that'd happen and I'm okay with that. So now I'm either at my computer or with a client or traveling every day now, and this is where some of the other cool things come in.

Part of what we do for clients if requested by rehab or by the VA, or any other referring agency is to do a very thorough evaluation where we find out what the persons needs are, let them try different things, and then make recommendations based on these evaluations. I've done some of these on a very scaled down basis if there is one particular item that might work for someone. The goal now though is to have me do all the pre-screening for the evaluations, fill out some forms, and start writing up the final evaluation. This way, the people who actually go on-site to do the evaluations have an idea of what they're going into, and can get more background information sooner. So now the goal is to get a form created that I can use and work with that will be uniform for each person.

Another exciting thing is that I'm going to be working on our web site!!!! I had my personal site up for several years, and since I switched to blogging I have, unfortunately, forgotten quite a lot of HTML. Getting to work more on the site will help get me back up to speed on the code, not to mention give me a chance to use my overactive mind on something more productive than designing color spirals in Excel in my spare time. Don't ask. SMILE!

One of the biggest benefits in being made full-time is that I will finally have insurance. I'll get health coverage and, even though it's a little late, dental coverage. I'm still in the process of picking which of the plans I want to go with, but it's insurance, finally!

Well, it's coming up on 9:00, so I should probably end this here and start doing something productive. There's an idea that I came up with to get information out to people, but I don't want to go into that yet until it's been implemented. Later everyone!
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