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Okay, so it's time for another bunch of general rambling., totally un-work related! SMILE!

First of all, happy belated birthday to puppybraille! I really need to find a better way of keeping track of these things so that I don't have to find out the hard way. GRIN! Anyway though, glad you had a good birthday.

Then there's my Thanksgiving weekend. Well, it's not actually over yet obviously, but I can still write about it. Okay, so I lied, I have to talk about work for a couple of seconds. Wednesday I was on the road for the day, so didn't get back home in time to catch the bus to get me up here and since my boss lives a little bit south of here, he dropped me off at this house, and I actually got here in time to change clothes and then turn around and go pick Jim up from the Park and Ride where the bus was stopping. It was actually kind of nice that the traffic held up the bus because I was late, which made us all late, but we still got there before Jim so it worked out well. We went to dinner at Mac and Don's Supper Club and had first-class fine dining. I got to try the barbecue sandwich and it was really quite good.

Thanksgiving was spent hanging out, eating, and all the traditional after-dinner things. We had ham, sweet potatoes, corn, and all that good stuff. After eating we sat around watching TV. For some reason though we were all getting really tired. It would have made sense accept that since we didn't have turkey, we were sort of surprised to have that kind of reaction. So it was definitely nice to go to sleep Thursday night.

Yesterday we did more of the same, talking, messing around with computers, that kind of thing. Oh, and speaking of computers, here's a story for everyone to read. The machine that I am using now was running really slow. We're talking slow to the point where it was taking close to 20 minutes for everything to come up, and it was taking even longer for me to get speech to work. I figured that there was just a ton of spyware on the machine, so through lots of trial and error I managed to download and install Ad-Aware. It found about 68 pieces of spyware, but it was still running extremely slow. Keep in mind that this is an XP box, but it's an older machine. For kicks, I thought I'd check the memory. System properties said that there was only 128 megs of RAM. Well, that's just completely wrong for anybody! On the off chance that Windows was reporting things incorrectly, I opened the box and yes, there was only 1 stick of memory. They were actually able to get the computer to a shop last night to get it upgraded, but they claimed that the highest they could take it to was 384 because they didn't have any other chips in stock. Whatever. I talked to the guy that was doing the work, and he was a total jerk. He treated me like I was an idiot, just because I'm female, and therefore I didn't know anything. He was giving me a bunch of wrong information and expecting me to buy it. When the computer came back I checked it to see if the work had actually been done because they were under the impression that this place had all ready put in 512 megs of RAM and that obviously hadn't happened. So now the machine is running quite a bit faster. Still not 100 percent, but it's definitely a lot better than it was, so I decided to play catch-up this morning.

We're going back home tomorrow, and we'll be back to the same old routine come Monday. It's been really nice having a weekend to relax, be away from home, and just hang out with people.

Well, I think I'm going to check this and post it now. Have fun everyone. More later.
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