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Awake All Ready ...

Well, here it is just a little after 5:00 AM and I've been awake since exactly 4:30. I'm going on three days of this now, and I'm getting really frustrated. The person upstairs from us seems to be doing whatever she can to make my life in the mornings miserable. Okay, so probably not, but it really feels like it. We've tried talking to her, talking to the person in charge of the building, and it only works for a short time before she starts up again. This building is, for the most part, very soundproof, including extra insulation between the floors to help prevent these kinds of things from happening. Unfortunately, when she moves around in the mornings, it sounds like she's either dropping something over and over, or stomping hard as she walks. Since I can track her progress around her apartment, she's definitely doing something. And, I know that she can be quieter, because I've seen times when I'm able to sleep right through her getting up for work. I'd like to think she's not doing this deliberately, but given the repeated times that we've asked her to be quieter I'm really beginning to wonder.Anyway, as long as I'm writing, how about an update on the rest of my life? Friday December first brought more to this part of Wisconsin that just a new month. When I woke up that morning, the National Weather Service was saying that Milwaukee had blizzard conditions, and people weren't supposed to go out unless is was absolutely necessary. By the time it was all over, we had at least 10 inches of snow on the ground, (more in some areas), which was a record for the first day of December. Since then it's been really cold! Wisconsin is weird anyway though. Two days before this snow we had about 60 degrees. Amazing how fast things can turn around.December brings more than just snow though, of course. Christmas is now less than three weeks away, my birthday, our 9th wedding anniversary, and New Year's. It's amazing how we managed to pack all that into one week, but we did. I've been trying to do some shopping online, but it's hard because some things aren't in stock, and then I'm trying to shop around for the best deals, things like that. I want a digital recorder that LS&S sells. I mentioned it several months back on here, but I still want it. I've also been looking at the Resco Audio Recording program for my PAC Mate, and a decent microphone. I've actually got a fairly decent one that I used to use with my PlexTalk, but I need to get an adapter for it so that it will work in the really small jack that the PAC Mate has. I want to be able to record directly onto my compact flash card, and record into MP3 instead of wav. The price is right at about $20 for the program, so I'm hoping that maybe it'll happen. Then I made the mistake of looking at books last night on the Barnes and Noble web site. I've mentioned Jodi Picoult, (spelling I'm sure). I've read several of her books, but noticed that there were also many that I hadn't read. Actually I was kind of surprised at what I hadn't read. So far I've read My sister's Keeper, which I'd recommend for anyone who wants a super good read, The Tenth Circle, Second Glance, Plain Truth, and I'm currently reading Vanishing Acts. This lady is an absolutely incredible author, and I'm really glad that Sas turned me on to her several months back. Vanishing Acts is the last book available from Audible, so now I've got to turn to paperbacks and scanning.Speaking of scanning, last week I got a scanner that I wanted to test for work. We had read some things about it that kind of made us think that it wouldn't work for K1000 or OpenBook, but since we had one in stock I wanted to give it a try so that I could say from personal experience whether it worked or not. This scanner not only worked with both programs, but it worked great! It has several great qualities, namely that it's under $100, and it's really small. For anyone who's interested, it's the Canon LIDE60. I'd heard people say that you couldn't scan and read at the same time with it because the scanner used too many resources and would make speech stutter, but I scanned a 250-page novel last week as a test and was able to read while I was scanning. This is a great little scanner, and as much as I've liked my Epsons over the years, I really think this little Canon is actually faster than my current Epson 2580 that I probably paid three times the price to get about two years ago. I don't know how long I'll have this little thing, but as long as I have it I intend to take advantage of it.Well, I can't think of much else to write about off the top of my head, and I need to go get my laptop and update some programs. I've had my K1000 version 11 disk since right before Thanksgiving, and I installed it on my desktop but not my laptop, and I need to do that since I may need to use it today during an evaluation that I'll be going on today. So, I suppose I'll go for now and try to get some things done before my ride comes. Later everybody!
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