Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Vet Time for Taz

The subject line pretty much says it all. Taz, who is going to be 15
this month, gets to go for a trip to the vet today. He's decided that
the rugs in my bathroom make better litter boxes than the litter box
does. Rather than assume that he's just being a brat, I'm assuming that
there is, in fact, some sort of problem. Whether it's something with his
kidneys, or just the fact that he's starting to have trouble climbing in
and out of the box, I don't know. I bought brand new rugs on Saturday,
and this morning I stepped in a puddle, so it definitely hasn't taken
him very long to, as masterofmusings so eloquently put it, catify
the rug. I'm hoping that it's nothing serious. I also know though that
male cats, even more than females, are more likely to develop urinary
problems. Taz has been extremely lucky in this case, and I was
originally warned about this by a vet back when Taz was maybe three or

So, in just over an hour, a co-worker is going to drive me back to my
apartment so that I can pick him up, cram him into a carrier, and take
him off to the evil vet, which is, conveniently, only about a block from
my apartment. I miss the days of walk-in times with the vet, but this
place only takes appointments. I also hope it doesn't take too long. I'm
thinking that if it does get long I'll have to see if I can leave him
there and come back for him after work tonight. So, I guess we'll just
have to wait and see, and hope that he doesn't recognize the new
soft-sided carrier for what it is. He runs from the plastic ones. He's
definitely no dummy. SMILE!

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