Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Taz Update

Some days I feel like the worst kitty mom on the planet! Yesterday, I
came home, woke poor Taz up from a nice kitty nap, put him in his
carrier, and took him out in the cold to the big mean vet where he got
examined, poked with needles, and all sorts of other stuff. $232 later,
they determined that there's absolutely nothing wrong with him except
that he has a potentially bad tooth that may need to come out at some
point. So, I've been trying and trying to come up with a reason for his
peeing on the rug, and this morning I figured it out. The fault is
definitely not his at all.

I've written here before about the electric litter box that I use for
the kitties, and I absolutely love it. Well, on Saturday, I started
having a cleaning service come in to help me with the cleaning since
it's just not something that I like doing, or have a lot of time to do.
They did some organizing for me, and that included some work of course
in the bathroom. Someone put one of the scoops that I use to clean the
box on the back end of the box. The problem was though, that as soon as
the rake moved forward to scoop things into the box on the other end,
the scoop fell into the box. I didn't know this had happened, despite
the fact that poor Taz was desperately trying to tell me that something
was wrong. I couldn't figure out what the problem was though. So,
between the rake being stuck halfway between the front and back of the
box, and the scoop being in the box in the first place, neither kitty
could even use the litter box. They were doing what they could to not go
I suspect, and only went when they absolutely had to. I finally
discovered that something was wrong when I realized that I hadn't heard
the litter box motor in a while and checked it this morning. So, I
suspect I've got a couple of really happy kitties now, and fortunately,
I think that the damage done is minimal and I should be able to take
care of things when I get home. I'm glad to know that Taz is still a
really healthy kitty. But, I hope something like this doesn't happen
again anytime soon. I feel really bad for not noticing the problem, but,
(and maybe this is wrong of me, I don't know), ultimately, the people
who cleaned shouldn't have left the scoop there. I had it in a specific
place for a reason. Oh well, what's done is done I suppose, and everyone
is just fine.

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