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An Awesome Day!!!!!

I just had to take a couple of minutes to write an entry here today. I was supposed to work with someone today and he canceled. So, then I figured that I'd have a nice lazy day here at home and read all day. I got a phone call while I was reading my book and it was someone asking me if I wanted to go Scuba Diving. If I wanted to go I needed to be ready pretty much immediately. I had no idea where my swim suit was, but that was, fortunately, found quickly enough, so I grabbed a towel and a plastic bag and ran out the door. There were four of us that actually went into the water. It was a heated pool in a school so I didn't have to worry about things being too cold or anything. For the first little while this guy named Scott showed us the different parts of the gear. We each got a pair of flippers and a mask and snorkel. We talked about the hand signals that we'd need to know while we were under the water, and then we got into the pool. They started us off by getting used to the flippers and the snorkel. Then the exciting part came. They strapped me into a backpack with the oxygen tank and all the other equipment attached. I got to work with that for a little while, breathing into the mouthpiece and inflating and deflating the backpack. Then, after everyone was set, we got to go down one at a time. The first time I went down I think the water was only about 4 feet deep, but it was enough to get an idea of how it was going to work. I was skimming along the bottom of the pool and Scott was giving me hand signals as we went by holding my hand, which allowed me to know what he was doing when. The next time I went down, we moved off into the deep end of the pool. This pool was 14 feet at its deepest spot, and I was on the bottom the whole way. They even had fake fish on the bottom that we were supposed to retrieve as we went. I found a crippled octopus. Even at 14 feet I could definitely feel some pressure on my ears, but Scott had told us how to deal with that, so it wasn't a big deal. The third time I went down I was on my own. We weren't supposed to go into the deep end alone, but it was still a really cool experience to be down there! I'm really glad things worked out for me to go, and I'm excited that I got to actually experience Scuba Diving, even if it was just in a pool. It was a great experience, and I don't think I'm going to forget it any time soon. If all goes well, soon I should have pictures to post here.
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