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A Big Day Today

Well, today should be a really cool day. I'm going to a meeting, but we're going to have some fun too. Every year we have this Christmas party, and get a massive turkey dinner with all the fixings. There's also a fund-raising auction and people bring all sorts of baked goods and other treats to be auctioned off, and the proceeds go to the organization; that is, the soon-to-be new Wisconsin affiliate of the ACB. This year I've made two pans of the brownies that I've written about in previous entries. I found a set of disposable pans with lids in the shape of Christmas trees, and I used those pans. Unfortunately, due to space limitations, when removing the first pan from the oven I accidentally crushed the bottom a little. I hope it won't make people think it's not good. I've got some bows that I'm going to put on top, and there's my contribution.

I did get the Olympus that I wanted for my birthday, (yes it's early, but we've never been able to wait for the actual day anyway), so I'm going to be bringing it with me today to capture some of what promises to be a great day. And, thanks to johnmill79 who posted an audio link on his journal and inadvertently gave me an idea for a place to actually post my audio, I'm going to be able to share this audio file with all of you too, if you're interested in listening. And now that I've got a digital recorder, I guess I can't put off that promised Podcast much longer either, huh? SMILE!

In other news, since I've been so bad about updating, everyone that I knew who was pregnant this year has given birth. I've gotten to actually see two of the four babies in question, and they're absolutely adorable! I've got pictures, but I won't be posting those to the web since I don't have permission from the parents to be doing that. Let's just say though that one of the babies was two weeks old when I held him and he was the tiniest little thing! At the time he was under 7 pounds, but he's gained since then, and those little hands and feet were just too cute!!!!!! He was born on Thanksgiving and I got a phone call not too long after the birth. I love holding babies, and I must have a way with them because 99 percent of the babies I hold fall asleep on me, and always seem content. I'm always up for baby-sitting jobs too. SMILE!

Well, not too much else is happening. I'm working like crazy, and have only one more week to go before a long weekend. Three days more of work and then another long weekend. You gotta love the holidays!

Well, I think I'm probably going to go for now. We're going to go get on the bus in a little under an hour, and I want to load up my Book Port with some extra audio stuff since we'll have about a two-hour ride ahead of us. Later everyone, and if all goes well you should have some audio sometime tomorrow!
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