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Okay, so freezing is a very mild word this morning. Currently, it's -8.1°F / -22.3°C outside, and that doesn't include the wind-chill factor. It probably wouldn't have been so bad except that I walked out to take a garbage bag to the dumpster before my ride came. I hadn't completely thawed out from that when my ride pulled up. We picked up a wheelchair passenger on the way. For some really crazy reason, when this happens, both the main door of the bus and the back door where the wheelchair ramp is have to remain open. So, any benefits we've managed to gain by the noisy heaters are effectively rendered useless because of the doors being open. So, I think I turned into the world's first human popsicle this morning. And, the coldness continues! I'm sitting here at my desk, still trying to warm up. Fortunately, we're permitted to have space heaters at our desks, and mine was on all day yesterday. If this place doesn't warm up soon, I suspect it'll be on again all day today. And, anyone who knows me knows that I'm usually running really warm, so for me to be cold, you know it's got to be bad.

Having said all this, I'd still prefer the cold to the snow though. At least I can still get around in the cold and do what needs doing. Snow, especially around my apartment building this year, makes even something as simple as walking to the end of the sidewalk or taking a bag of garbage out a monumental task. You know it's bad when a Para-transit driver sees the guy who's supposed to be shoveling snow shovel a huge pile of snow to the end of the sidewalk and leave it there, right in front of the bus door. We couldn't believe the guy did that last week! Oh well, at least the sheet of glare ice that was my sidewalk a few weeks back is gone. And, (if I write this things could change), here we are, over halfway through January, and I still haven't had one fall this winter! I definitely won't complain about that! Now, if only I could get rid of these goosebumps, all would be right with the world. And, if the office itself is bad, you should see our bathrooms! Just wow! It almost reminds me of walking to the outhouse on a camping trip on a cold night. You just don't want to go there! Now though, I suppose it's time to get some real work done.

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