Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Fun with Airlines

Many of you are aware of the flight fiasco that I had right before
Christmas last year. I didn't really right about it here, but basically
what happened is this. The evening I flew out there was a delay in
Minneapolis because of weather. I spent the night in a hotel and was
supposed to leave the next morning, (Christmas eve), so that I could get
to Winnipeg. It took three tries before I actually got off the ground on
the 24th because of mechanical issues with the first two planes, that
were discovered after we'd been boarded and taxied away from the gate.
It made for some really long delays and just overall craziness. As
compensation, we were all given $400 vouchers for future flights. Since
flying is currently the only way for masterofmusings and I
to get together unless we can get someone to drive the 240 miles each
way, I was quite happy with $400. It was transferrable, and I was going
to give them to Bruce to use for his ticket for next month. He went to
buy his ticket only to discover that the vouchers can't be redeemed
online. The only way to redeem them is to take them to the airport and
purchase the ticket there or at a kiosk. Sorry, but that's just not
happening. Cab fare to the airport is close to $40 for a round trip
fare, and I'm not going to beg a co-worker to drive me out there. If it
were offered I'd take it, but I don't want to be taking advantage of
these people.

So, this morning, I finally sat down and wrote to Delta. I explained
what had happened, including flight numbers, my ticket number, and my
confirmation number. I also said that I felt that after everything that
we'd all been through, (some passengers had been stranded for over 24
hours and ended up sleeping on the floor in the airport so I was one of
the luckier ones), vouchers that were limited in their ability to be
redeemed was just too much. I was very nice about it, and put a lot of
thought into what I wrote and how I wrote it. But, come on! It's
Christmas Eve, families and friends are being inconvenienced by
avoidable issues, (the weather of course being the exception since that
wasn't avoidable), and Delta is handing out these limited vouchers. And
please, no comments here about how you'd never take Delta because
they're such a crappy airline, blah blah blah. I've seen those comments
already on Twitter, and it's not like I have a whole lot of choices
here. All I'm asking for is fair compensation for time spent waiting on
planes, which probably came out somewhere around five hours or more by
the time it was all said and done, and for making others have to
rearrange their plans. I'm hoping that my vouchers can be reissued
electronically so that I can actually use them. I got a standard
automatic reply from Delta already basically telling me that I can
expect to get a response in around seven days. So, I guess now we wait
and see. It's just amazing though how 240 miles, which really isn't all
that much overall, can turn into such a crazy situation. Flying from
Fargo to Winnipeg via Minneapolis is crazy under normal circumstances
since Minneapolis is in the wrong direction. We can always hope that
there will eventually be a direct flight for oh, around $100? Hey, the
bus was $70, and that was round-trip. We can always hope.

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