Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Snow for Sale!

This morning when I went out to get my ride to work, I took a bag of
garbage out to the dumpster. They've done such a poor job of shoveling
around my apartment complex this year that I've been having to
practically walk out into the middle of the parking lot and backtrack in
order to get to the dumpster. I mentioned this to management last week,
and apparently they did something about it in the last day or so. It's
not perfect, but it's definitely a lot more passable than it's been in a
long time.

So, I took this garbage bag out. On my way back to the door of my
building I stopped to check out the size of the snow bank, something I
also haven't been able to do because I couldn't get anywhere near it
previously. This snow bank is at least as tall as I am, and I'm just a
bit over five feet tall. So, that kind of gives you an idea of this
snow. I've decided that it's time to start being extremely nice to my
readers, so I'm going to offer as much snow as you want to the first ten
people who leave me comments to this entry. Ready? Set? Go!

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