Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Chocolate Day!

This is going to be one of those days where pretty much everyone in the
office is going to be on a sugar high. We've got a contest happening
here. The idea is that people are bringing in either baked or
store-bought chocolate items that we think are the absolute best
chocolate ever. Each item is assigned a number, and we get to vote for
what we think is the best. The winner wins, of course, something related
to chocolate. I contributed thes
e chocolate truffle cookies
. I've never actually attempted something
like this before, and I was really concerned that the chocolate would
burn while I was melting it, or that something else would go wrong.
Amazingly enough though, these things came out absolutely perfect!!!! I
don't know if I'll actually win, but if nothing else, these cookies are
incredible. I actually was assigned number 1, so now we just wait to see
how the voting goes.

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