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Killing Time

I'm waiting for it to be time when I can start making phone calls. (I've got an evaluation to try to get done today), and I don't like to call people too early since it sort of has the effect of making me into the evil witch of the morning. So, while I wait for it to get a little later, I thought I'd post. Things are really super slow anyway because nobody wants anything between Christmas and New Year's, so I'm trying to come up with things I can do to pass the time.

When I read my Friend's page this morning I saw that three people are either feeling sick or having some kind of breathing-related issue. I hope you all feel better, and I am extremely relieved that a virus can't be passed around through LJ because it'd be my luck that I'd get it. I've done really well this season, and I just hope that my luck holds out for a while. After New Year's I suppose I can get sick if I have to, but I'd still rather not.

I had a lazy weekend. I made the pork tenderloin that I wrote about. I mixed garlic powder and seasoning salt together and rubbed it all over the meat. I wrapped it in foil and let it sit in the fridge for a day before putting it in the oven. I lost my meat thermometer, (who knows where it ended up), so I was lucky enough to be able to borrow someone else's so that I wouldn't overcook this stuff. I guess it's pretty easy to do, and I didn't want charbroiled dried meat for Christmas. It came out great though, and I was really happy about that. We really didn't have any presents to open. Jim and I are really bad when it comes to waiting for the day, so we've been giving each other our presents all month. I got the Resco recorder program for my PAC Mate, (or I will have it once I register my demo copy), and a headset that was supposed to be for the PAC mate with a built-in microphone, but I think I'm going to have to use it with something else since I'm not overly happy with the performance of it on the PM, simply because the PM only has a mono mic jack. I need to find my other mic that I had for my PlexTalk since I think that was mono, and a really good mic. I also need to look for something to use with my digital recorder. Yes, it has a built-in mic, but it'd be nice to have an external for those times when I want to have the recorder in my jacket pocket or something. I'll come up with something I'm sure.

My birthday was uneventful, (write me privately if you want details), and passed pretty much like any other day. It wasn't the special day I had been hoping for, except that Jim brought me a bottle of vanilla bubble bath and a vanilla candle that I lit a couple of hours before taking my bath so that the smell would have time to penetrate. That was pretty much the extent of it though.

New Year's Eve is going to be my party, and a way to bring in the new year. I'm still looking forward to that. I just hope that once things are over I'll be able to return any unopened party decorations and things. Some people haven't given us an answer as to whether they're coming or not, and it makes it really hard to plan when people don't get back to me. It's one of those frustrating things I guess.

Well, I think I should probably post this now and try calling this guy again. It's late enough now that I think I can call. Happy New Year everyone!
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