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Thoughts on American Idol

In exactly two weeks American Idol returns to Fox. This will be the second season that I've followed since the show started 6 years ago, and I personally am looking forward to it. There are some though who feel that the show is terrible, and I do understand where they're coming from in some respects.

Just in case there's someone on the planet who doesn't know how American Idol works, (I didn't until last year so I imagine that there may be others around), contestants perform in front of three judges for the right to go to Hollywood, California, where they compete for the chance to get to the top 24, and then the top 12, and then of course, to become the top performer overall and receive the title of American Idol. Sounds fairly simple, but it's not. From what I understand, before you even get to the judges you have to perform for the producers of the show, who then decide whether you can move forward or not. It's very obvious that the show is for entertainment purposes since there are times when truly terrible singers are let through and good ones are told to go home. However, once the viewers get the chance to start voting for their favorite, things get more interesting.

The three judges are interesting as well. I like to think of them as good bad and indifferent, but it's not always the case. Paula, Randy, and Simon are all fairly interesting, however Simon is the one that I think most people have problems with because he is so rude. He has been known to make comments that are extremely cruel, and it seems to me as if those comments are the ones that make it to the evening wrap-up things on the news. Paula normally seems to be more balanced, giving both positive and negative feedback, but she's been known to take little jabs from time to time herself. And, whether it's a real thing or not, on-screen, Paula and Simon don't seem to get along very well. Randy usually has decent things to say and I'm trying to remember if I've ever heard him put down a performer and I honestly can't remember. But it's Simon, I believe, who really helps to give American Idol the negative spin that many people see. I think it'll be interesting to see how this season unfolds.

And now, let's see how many of you will be watching this season.

Poll #899310 American Idol

Have you ever watched American Idol before?


How many seasons have you watched so far?

All 5

Will you be watching the show this year?

No, I've never watched and I don't see the point in starting now.
Probably not, I can think of better things to do with my time.
I'll probably turn it on if there's nothing else to do.
Definitely, I try not to miss an episode.

Finally, if you do watch, who is your favorite judge?

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