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I thought I'd write this morning to let everyone know about the latest development in my life. Yesterday afternoon I was diagnosed as having a chronic disease that will get worse over time. This disease is really frustrating because it's causing me to do things that I normally wouldn't do, to say things that I've said about a hundred times before, and to repeat myself needlessly. I wanted to warn all of you about it because it could affect any of you at any time without any notice. The name of the disease? Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that. The name of the disease is CRS, (Can't Remember Shit). I was diagnosed yesterday afternoon by a very qualified individual, my boss, after turning in a time sheet that had several missing entries, and after forgetting a couple of other things that I was supposed to do. CRS was blamed on the recent birthday I had, and I was very warmly welcomed into the very exclusive group of members who also suffer from CRS. If you, or someone close to you is suffering from CRS just know that help is available, and although it is chronic, you can go for years without anyone finding out as long as you write down even the smallest things. Then, when you're asked a question you can feel important and say things like, "Let me consult my calendar and get back to you.", or (as you discretely glance down at the handful of pictures that you've taken of people without their knowledge), "I remember you from the conference we attended together two years ago!" It will impress your friends and co-workers so much that they may give you even more information to remember, however, this is not an insurmountable situation. Sorry, no medication is available to counteract the effects of CRS at this time.
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