Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Customer Service at its Worst

On several previous occasions, I've purchased leather fanny packs from HandiWorks, a company that produces
many different types of products for the blind. Don't get this company
confused with the absolutely fabulous Executive Products who do
similar things, and has fabulous customer service. I'm telling my story here
in full because I feel that people should know about this.

I placed an order on Sunday June 12th. I waited a few days since I figured
they'd need a little bit of time to process the order. Most companies take
48 hours or less though, so when I'd seen no change in my order status or
any activity on my credit card by June 17th, I used their contact
information to send them an email. I discovered at that time that the
company is using an inaccessible non-audio CAPTCHA system if you choose to
use their online contact form. Not a good thing if your main customer base
is blind people.

I received no response to my email message. Earlier this week, I decided to
give them a call, figuring that maybe my email message never made it to the
correct place. HandiWorks is based out of California, so they're two hours
behind me. I called during what should have been their normal business hours
but only got their voicemail where I was instructed to leave a message and
someone would get back to me shortly. As of today, I've still received no
response whatsoever from anyone from the company.

Just a little while ago I left another message on their voicemail, and I
don't expect to receive any sort of response. I told them that I consider
two weeks to be rather excessive for processing an order, and that they can
consider my order cancelled as of today. I also said that if I do see a
transaction show up on my credit card from them I will be disputing it.

To me, it only seems right that if an order is going to be delayed, some
sort of written or verbal communication is standard courtesy. If they'd
written to me or called me and said that there was a reason for the delay,
I'd be okay with that. The lack of any sort of communication from them sends
out the very strong impression that they don't care about their customers.
For that reason, and the fact that I've written to them previously on
different orders and received no response, they've officially lost me as a
customer. It wasn't always like this before, but my previous dealings with
them were mostly at the ACB Conventions a few years ago. I found a source on
Amazon that offers me a better product at a lower price, so I've gone with
that source instead.

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