Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

The Weekend and My Day

I thought about writing yesterday, but I was really busy being lazy so I decided to write today instead and cover the weekend and what happened today.

Friday night I was absolutely wiped out, so I went to bed really early and read. I got a phone call from a friend who asked me if I wanted to go to a movie on Saturday night. I'd never heard of it, and hadn't seen any of the previews on TV, but since it was playing with description I figured I'd go since I'd at least know what was going on. So, Saturday we went to the movie and it was great. I recommend "Pursuit of Happiness" to everyone. Will Smith and his son are father and son in the movie, and it's based on a true story. It had some good comical places and it was just really a good movie and I'm glad I went.

Sunday I spent the day reading and taking it easy. I got through one book entirely, and started working on another. At one point, after our groceries were delivered, I put together four hot chocolate mix boxes for today's staff Christmas party. My feet were killing me by the time I got done, (it wasn't that long, but I swear there's something wrong with my left foot and I don't have time anymore to go to the doctor and be told to wear shoe inserts which don't work anyway), so I was really glad when it was over. I finished off the night talking with some people from here in the building, and then went to bed.

Today was our belated office Christmas party. Well, that's what I was told anyway. It turned out to be partly a surprise birthday party for me. We had subs from Subway, and then they had a cake for me, one of those helium balloons that feel like a plastic bag rather than a rubber balloon, and some um, rather interesting gifts. I got chocolate-covered pretzels and a king-size Symphony bar because you know that 99 percent of women need to have their chocolate or else. I got a turkey Beanie Baby because, "I work with a bunch of turkeys". I got this Hawaiian scented hand lotion and vanilla body lotion, (I absolutely love vanilla!), and a new staff shirt. Finally, and probably the most interesting thing of all, (and absolutely hysterical), was a bottle of Metamucil. I hope to never actually need the stuff, but it was definitely really funny. I think the poor lady who gave it to me was having second thoughts though because as the gifts were being put in front of me she said that they were all told to give gag gifts. She was probably afraid she'd offend me, but I thought it was really creative. She also gave me two cat toys for Taz and Cally. Her logic was that I was probably too old to play with toys myself, so I should have toys for the kitties. I just put them out and someone's all ready playing with them. Both toys have bells, so I can actually know when they're playing.

Now, a little bit of background because of the cake. I think I've made it pretty plain here that I'm not a vegetable eater. I eat some, but when it comes to sandwiches and things I always get them with no veggies. My boss's wife says that she's made it her life's mission to turn me into a veggie eater and I keep telling her that it's not ever going to happen in either of our lifetimes. So, today she came into the office and told me to guess what kind of cake she'd gotten me. I of course said that it had to be chocolate. She said it wasn't, and asked me what my favorite thing was. I was trying to figure it out when she told me that she'd gotten me a veggie cake. Of course I didn't believe her, but she kept insisting that it was a veggie cake. Then she said, "It is a veggie cake. It's a carrot cake. If I can't get you to eat veggies one way I'll get you to eat them another." Well, it just so happens that I like carrot cake so it was really cool. I just thought it was pretty funny the way she tried to make me think it was something else.

In addition to the party we did have to have a meeting and all that good stuff, but overall it was a really fun day. Now though I'm going to go and watch my soap and see if I can get a foot rub. SMILE! Later, everyone!

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