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Ah, Isn't That Sweet?

I'm sitting here watching American Idol, and I just had to post an entry. At this moment, there's a couple who are trying out. They've been dating for two years and they met at the bus stop. That's always where I liked to go to pick up men before I found Jim. It's so romantic! SMILE! Wow, the girl can't sing, but I'll be curious to see if the guy can. It's got to be better than what she did. GRIN!

Um, no. He's definitely not any better than she was. Wow! This is almost scary! And, now he won't stop! Yikes!!!!! I think the judges are going to tell him no. So much for bus stop love.

Oh, cool! The news tonight is going to have something about Harry Potter. And, there's a rumor that Paula is going to be removed from Idol. This should be news worth staying around for. I suppose I should post this before my laptop battery goes, huh? Later.
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