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I had to post a quick entry! I just got off the phone with someone at Freedom Scientific. I called to see if A, my PAC Mate had made it to Florida, and B, how it was doing. I found out that it had arrived on Monday. It is currently in the process of going through some final diagnostic tests, and will most likely be ready to ship back by tomorrow or Friday. I asked, just because I was curious, if there were any repair notes. Apparently, my poor baby had a pretty major overhall. They had to replace the keyboard and the keyboard connector, and the speaker, (which was sounding pretty crappy and I wasn't sure why). They did some work on my compact flash slots, and some internal stuff that I won't really notice accept that apparently one of the things they do has something to do with extending the battery life. I all ready get great battery life on my unit, so I can't wait to see what this change wil mean. The best news though is that this repair still falls within what they consider to be flat-rate stuff, so there's no extra charge for all this stuff to be fixed, other than what I was expecting to have to pay. So, hopefully by next Tuesday or Wednesday I'll have my unit back! I'm still not used to the BX keyboard, even though some users swear by them.

anyway, just had to let everyone know the status. Later.
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