Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

I'm Still Here

Well, I'm still here. Things have been absolutely crazy this week but I wanted to take a little time to post an update. I'll go back later and give a more detailed description of my week, but for now I have two things that I wanted to write about.

First, yesterday morning I electronically filed both my federal and state taxes!!!!! YAY ME!!!!!!!! I've got money coming back, and it is going to be direct deposited into my savings account that is currently holding the money that will be used for the ACB Convention this summer. This is the third year I've done my own taxes using Tax Act Online and it's great. I don't have anything really complicated to worry about, so all I have to do is answer questions and the forms are filled in for me. It really can't get much simpler than that.

Now for my other piece of news. On Wednesday I went out to see a client who was being trained on Freedom Box. This is the same guy that we had to keep cancelling week after week because I couldn't get transportation. Anyway, I finally got to go back out to see him for his second appointment and he had a really cool surprise for me. The first time I went out there he was telling me about a new kitchen gadget that he and his wife had gotten, and I was extremely interested in it. So, when I got there on Wednesday, he asked me if I'd gotten one yet. I told him that I hadn't, and he handed me a box. Inside was an electric potato masher! This thing is way too cool! You peel and cut the potatoes, fill the bottom with water, put the potato pieces in the steamer basket, set the timer, and wait. It steams the potatoes and then automatically mashes them. Then, you can add the milk, butter, and whatever else, and it'll mix that all in. I tried it last night and the potatoes came out like ones that you'd get from a restaurant! They were really good! I personally like my mashed potatoes with the skins still on them, and there's a restaurant somewhere, (I can't remember which one it is), that does that. I kept the skins on these potatoes and the mashing process even handled that perfectly. I'm all about the kitchen gadgets, but this one is amazing. It came with a recipe book about an inch thick, and it's got tons of different recipe ideas. One other one that looks really interesting to me is the one for home-made applesauce. I'm seeing the possibilities here. SMILE! Originally I had a link to this product, but was asked to remove it. Sorry guys, I can't provide more information.

This afternoon I'm going out of town for an over-night meeting. The problem is, they're predicting a nice storm that could potentially become a blizzard. So, although I'm only supposed to be gone for one night, it may end up being two. I actually hope it is two. It's kind of a chance to have a little mini vacation, and as sick as this may sound, I kind of like hotels. SMILE! I'll have my laptop, so I intend to write more about my week tonight or tomorrow. Those of you on my MSN list are all ready aware that Tuesday was most definitely not a good day, so I'll be telling everyone exactly why that was. More later.
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