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Don't Shoot, I'll Be Better Next Time!!!!

Is it Friday yet? Well, it's worth hoping for, right? This is turning into a long week and it's only Tuesday! It appears that I have yet another no-show today. The sad thing is, this guy called us because he was interested in the PAC Mate, and I'd arranged for him to come and see both the BX and the QX so that he'd have a chance to get hands-on experience with both of them before making a decision. The appointment was scheduled for 1:00 PM, and as I'm writing this it's 1:26. We've tried calling both phone numbers that we have for him, and in both cases we're only getting voicemail. Why is it that people can't have enough respect for others to at least call if they're not going to show up? If I'm going to be late getting somewhere I always call the person to let them know, even if they've told me not to worry about being late. I guess I've come to expect that from others, but maybe it's too much to ask. Okay, so I just got an email about yesterday's person. She apparently said that her transportation didn't show up to get her. I understand the whole public transportation thing, believe me, I've had enough bad experiences to last me a lifetime. But, come on. At least take a couple of seconds to call and say that it hasn't shown up or whatever, or even call the company providing the transportation and find out what's going on. We're not mind readers. Okay, so end of rant. It's just extremely frustrating when I've got about ten thousand other things on my desk and can't do anything because I'm waiting on someone else who can't show enough respect to keep people informed.

In other news, I still didn't get a full night's sleep last night. Taz has been driving us both nuts by puking several times a week. It just kept getting worse, and last night was the final straw when he puked on the bed between Jim's feet and then took off. This morning we cornered him and put him in his carrier for a trip to the vet. With Taz this is most definitely no easy task, and long-time readers may remember my story from last year about how it took us close to a half hour to find him before we could get him locked away. This time we used the wet food bribe, which has never failed in the past. It worked again, and we made sure that when he got home he still got his food. I put him in his carrier and Jim took him to the vet. At eleven years old Taz is still a healthy cat, and is holding steady at about 7.9 pounds where he's been for years. They gave him a series of allergy shots, which he's actually had in the past, and said that if things don't improve in the next two weeks to bring him back for a booster shot. It's kind of sad to think that my little boy is allergic to himself, but for all intents and purposes he is. The shots have been really effective in the past, and if it keeps him from scratching and licking himself so much it'll be worth it. Once he got home he ate his food and has been hiding from us ever since. I don’t blame him. I think I'd probably hide too if I had to go out in the cold and then get needles shoved into me. SMILE! Oh well, I'll be able to cuddle with him tonight and try to make it up to him. And, it'd be really nice if, in return, he allowed us to get at least one full night of sleep. We'll see what happens.

Well, that's about it for now. It still doesn't look like this guy's going to come, which means that I need to get some other things done. Later.
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