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Okay, so it's been a while since I've posted. I've actually got an entry that I'm working on, but it's not ready to be posted yet so I'll do something a little bit more general. There's a lot of stuff that I've been wanting to write about, but as usual, I'm probably not going to remember it all. SMILE! But, I've got potatoes in the masher, so since I've got time, here I am to at least try.

It's been a rather interesting week overall. Not terribly busy, just different. I've had time to relax, a little anyway, and to do some maintenance things with my journal. For anyone who's not reading me on their friends page, you'll notice the new look and feel. Hopefully it's not too confusing, but I really like the way it's working right now.

The push for spring is definitely starting to get strong. This has been a really cold March so far, (Not that we're all that far into it but still), and this weekend it's finally supposed to start warming up at least into the 50s, so I'm really looking forward to that. I know, those of you who have nice weather are probably laughing at me right now, but I don't care. SMILE!

Thanks to imafarmgirl I placed my first order on Pet Food Direct and the stuff should arrive on Monday. I can't find big bags of the Iams with Hairball control that we use for Taz and Cally, and we were having to constantly get more food. I found a nice big 20-pound bag and some new toys since we have this really bad habit of crunching all their favorite balls under our feet. So Monday will be a nice day for the kitties.

Back in January when I went to Florida, I was looking for something interesting to buy as a souvenir. What I found wasn't exactly a Florida thing, but it was definitely something that I've found useful and extremely beneficial. At the Orlando air port one of the many shops they have sells Crocs. Crocs are, for anyone who doesn't know, the most amazing shoe ever created. Okay, so that's strictly my opinion, but apparently it's shared by hundreds of people around the world according to the testimonials on the web site. Visually they're apparently not the most wonderful looking in the world, but I bet you'll never find a more comfortable shoe out there. They're made out of what almost feels like rubber, but it's not. The last time I went in to see my doctor I mentioned the pain that I've been having in the heel and arch of my left foot. They said that it was most likely plantar fasciitis and told me to purchase heel pads and/or arch supports for my shoes. After using these for a while I discovered that this stuff is really pretty pointless, and actually made things worse in some cases. I kept buying new shoes hoping that I'd eventually find something that was cushiony enough to make me feel better, but after a couple of weeks that didn't work either. So, this brings me up to the present. I purchased the Crocs and put them on in the air port because I figured they'd be easier to slip on and off while going through security. There are many different styles of Crocs, but the main idea is fairly standard in each style I think. It's a shoe that has a strap that can either go back behind the foot or be flipped up on top out of the way. Some of them have an open toe, some are closed. My pair has a closed toe. So, I put them on and we started walking toward the gate. The first thing I noticed was that they were extremely comfortable even though they don't look like they'd be all that comfortable. Then I noticed that the constant pain that I had while walking wasn't there. It was literally completely gone. I don't get it, especially given the design of the shoe, but it's true. For the first time in months I was able to walk faster and without feeling like I wanted to rip off my feet. It was great! The problem was, I was leaving warm weather and going back to snow and cold. I dealt with it though, and for the entire trip my feet felt great.

I've been wearing them pretty much non-stop for the last several weeks and, unlike previous experiences, these shoes are continuing to amaze me. I can definitely feel the pain when I walk around without them, and last week I put on tennis shoes for a couple of hours and could definitely tell the difference. I can walk a lot more now and I was surprised today that I was actually able to run up and down stairs today without my feet calling me all kinds of really nasty names. Last week I went up to the web site to purchase a second pair and was surprised to see a kind that said they were specifically designed for people with Plantar Fasciitis. I purchased them and they came tonight. They seem a bit firmer than my original pair, but just as comfortable. And, even though they're still a closed toe, they have some ventilation holes that help them breathe. I got them in black, and I intend to wear them for work if I can possibly get away with it.

See, I knew this would happen. I can't think of the other stuff I was going to write about. I guess I can just post this entry and keep working on the other one that I've been working on. It's one of my topic entries, but I'm hoping that this one will be interesting to people, especially since it was kind of inspired by one of you. So, I guess this is it for now and I'll post again later when I remember what else I was going to talk about.
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