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Computers are Going to be the Death of Me Someday!!!!!

This is obviously not my day for good luck. And, I swear my computer has ears and hears absolutely everything I say. I decided this morning that it was time to add more memory to my three-year-old Dell Dimension 4600. It's been performing well for the last few years, but the way I use the machine has changed drastically, and programs are getting bigger, so on and so forth. So anyway, I broke one of my cardinal rules and placed a call to Dell, twice. The first time I called was because I couldn't find memory on their web site because that site is sort of interesting. I wanted to know what it would cost. I got my price quote and said that I'd call back if I decided to make the purchase. The guy kept asking me what time I'd be calling. I had absolutely no clue. I mean, if I decide to buy I'll call back. If I decide not to buy, I'm not going to call back. Plain and simple. Well, I decided I was going to buy a 1 Gig memory stick. I've got 4 slots total, two of which are taken up. I figured I'd get one stick since it was cheaper and be done with it. When I called back to order the memory, the guy at Dell told me that I had to buy memory in pairs. Okay, I've never done it that way before, but whatever. I'll do things his way. So instead of one 1 Gig stick I ended up buying two 512 sticks. It cost me more, but I got free shipping so I guess I can't complain too terribly much. Doesn't mean I'm not going to try though. SMILE!So, after I ordered the memory, my computer started to do really weird things. I've got a big presentation coming up next week, (and in fact will be gone from Wednesday through Friday), on OCR solutions. I'll be covering OpenBook and SARA, K1000 and the K-NFB Reader. (No, I don't get to go to CSUN but I'm thinking that I just might have to save up for that next year.) I figured that one feature that would be really neat to demonstrate is the ability that K1000 V11 has to recognize a form and allow someone to fill it out. It's a great concept, right? Right. Unfortunately, it's not so good in practice. Well, I can't blame the program, but I will blame my computer. It's kind of weird. I was able to recognize the form and work with it, but every time I tried to bring up one particular area the program crashed. Not only did it crash, but it crashed hard. The program acted like it was closing, when in reality it was just kind of sitting there. It wasn't visible on the screen other than this really small little blob but it wasn't in the alt-tab order or anything. I ended up getting rid of it with the Windows Task Manager. But, this happened every time I'd open this document. Not exactly a good thing when trying to prepare for a presentation. Again, I don't blame K1000 for this one, although I just recently found out that I may have actually discovered a known bug that should be fixed sometime this week. We'll see. In the mean time, tomorrow I've got a different form that I'm going to try to work with. Tax forms aren't very exciting anyway, right? SMILE!So tonight was the main menu presentation that I wrote about previously. I've been hearing a lot about the Icon, and it really sounds like a really neat gadget. I can't wait to see one this summer, but then I'm really going to want one. I actually have this terrible habit of wanting all the cool new stuff. But, I still really want the Book Port, and even if it doesn't actually come out by the time of Convention, I'll be getting it when it does become available. It seems like many companies give some pretty nice discounts on products during the conventions, so it'd be really nice if I could get it cheaper or something. At any rate, it definitely sounds like it'll be interesting. I just wish people would listen though! There were a couple of questions that were asked about two or three times during the night.Anyway, it's past my bedtime, and I've got another day of, um, what? tomorrow. So I think I'm going to go post this and then call it a night. I've recently decided to read all 28 books in the Lillian Jackson Braun Cat Who series in order from start to finish. I've read most of them before, but I'm going to start completely over this time. I'm on book 2. I absolutely love these books! I'm not normally into mysteries, but you can't beat Coco and Yum Yum. SMILE! Later guys!Oh, and one more thing. johnmill79 if my computer problems are in answer to your computer survey of a couple of weeks ago I'm going to come find you. GRIN! And no, you're not the reason for my MSN sign-in name. SMILE!
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