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My Day

Well, today was definitely better than yesterday. I'm feeling better for the most part, and tomorrow's Friday. My memory came this morning and I put it in. I discovered why they require pairs of sticks though, and after looking at the configuration of the system it makes more sense. I was still having some major problems, but I think many of them have been resolved. Without going into anything that would get me in trouble, I installed a private beta version of JAWS over the top of an existing version and discovered that it was just easier to uninstall and start from scratch. So, we'll leave it at that. SMILE!

I recently discovered yet another rather interesting food product that I thought I'd share with you guys. I love potatoes, pretty much any way. Some company, (I don't have a clue which one though), developed French fries for the microwave. I was admittedly rather skeptical of these since the microwave tends to make things get really soggy, but I figured it wouldn't kill me to try it once. The box says to put them on a plate and nuke them for 4 minutes. Well, I don't know what power they're using for their tests, but in our 1250 Watt microwave 4 minutes really toasted them. Jim likes them that way though so he ate those. I chose to put mine in for only 2 minutes and they came out much better. They actually tasted great, and were definitely not soggy. I suppose with everyone working so much now the convenience foods are getting more popular so they're really trying to improve them. I want my next big kitchen purchase to be a deep fryer, but at this point I really don't have anywhere to put it so I think that's going to have to wait until I earn my first million and move into a mansion. Yes, I'll share with all of you! SMILE!

I was surprised to see that masterofmusings decided to step down as the moderator of the Blind Tech email list, but I'm honestly not surprised given the way things have been going lately. It all goes back to what I was saying about lists last night, and being a moderator is never an easy job. Since I created the Wisconsin ACB list three years ago I've been moderating that, and there are times when people have argued with my decisions, both on and off list. What makes it even harder for me is that many of these people are my friends, and I hate to have to tell them to stop something or whatever, but it's got to be done. It's just too bad that we lost a moderator who wasn't afraid to tell people to follow the rules, and take action against those who wouldn't. I for one am sorry to see him go.

I ran Ad-Aware this afternoon and it found 49 items. It amazes me how fast that stuff gets onto the system, especially since I stick to the same sites most of the time. Oh, and I was excited to see the post in the LJ News community about the fact that they're thinking about opening up permanent accounts again in a couple of months. I'm really hoping to be able to get one of those limited accounts when they become available. It'd be nice not to have to pay yearly.

Well, I'm hungry, and I think I've rambled on long enough here so I think I'm going to go find some food. I'm participating in a survey tonight regarding blindness and race. For some reason, there's a misconception that blind people aren't prejudice just because they can't see. In fact, I remember back in Las Vegas at the 2005 ACB Convention when one of the people they got to pray at one of the daily sessions actually said something about how our entire group was nonjudgmental because we were blind. That really stuck with me because it's just not true, as much as we'd probably like it to be. Our opinions are based on pretty much the same criteria as anyone else, accept that we can't see them. I like to think that I have an open mind about most people, but I will never claim to be perfect, (at least not in public SMILE), and I've been known to say things that some might consider to be uncool. So, I think this could be interesting tonight. If anyone's interested in doing this as well, please send me an email at tazcat at with your email address and I'll have this guy contact you. I think he's looking at people who have been blind since birth, but I would imagine that's not all he's looking for.

As I was proofreading this entry, I got an email. I'm starting to get spammed from my email link on my page, so it's going to be removed PDQ. I HATE SPAM!!!!!!!! And yes, I'll admit that publicly if asked. SMILE!

Okay, I said I was going away, and this time I am. Later; maybe after the survey to tell you all how it was.
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