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Catching Up

Well, I guess I really was tired the other night. Yesterday afternoon a silent reader pointed out to me that I had some problems with the code for my links in Sunday's post. So, after a full day of being mostly coherent, and two nights of sleep, I'm going to try again. This time though, I'm using an LJ client that creates the code for me so I can't possibly mess it up. SMILE!

In addition to the code errors (that have been corrected), I made one other mistake that I didn't discover until yesterday. Last Tuesday afternoon we had a power surge that knocked out the power for just a couple of seconds. I didn't think much about it because it happens here all the time. This time though, it reset the one VCR in this place that I can't program myself. It also happens to be the one that had programming set for my soap. Yesterday afternoon I went to catch up on last week only to find that the tape had nothing after Tuesday. So I set another VCR to record, and now we'll see. I hate missing that show though!

Today's the day. The new Janet Evanovich book is being released, and a friend and I are going to go look for it. I'm actually buying it for her as a birthday present. I'm going to start checking Audible for the recorded version and we'll see how quick they can get up a new release like that.

In other news, the cats have completely forgiven us for going away and leaving them. They're both rather clingy, but I guess I'd rather have that than have them ignore me. SMILE!

Well, I'm going to go get ready to go now so I'll write more later. Tomorrow is another VA day, so hopefully that will go better than last week.

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