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No Updates?

Hi everyone. I've received several requests from people asking me what's happened to my entries. For those of you who aren't Live Journal subscribers or who are not on my Friends List I thought I'd make a public entry. For several reasons, over the last three weeks I've been making all my entries Friends' only. This is not permanent, but at the moment there are some things going on with me that I'd prefer not to make public. It's nothing personal against anyone, and I hope that those of you who have been reading who aren't part of LJ will check back once in a while and see if I've posted a public entry. The Internet is really a very public place, and I'm not ready for some things to make it to everyone on the planet. SMILE! You may also use the email address on my profile page if you'd like to contact me privately. Thanks for understanding, and know that I am still here and will eventually begin to post publicly again.
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