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Today's weather has been absolutely wonderful, and I've got a window open for the cats so that we all can get some fresh air. I've turned the heat off for the second time this spring, since winter decided to come back to Wisconsin last Wednesday and dump 7 inches of snow on us. The snow's gone now, and hopefully so is the heat but I guess only time will tell.

I bought a new litter box today. It's one from LitterMaid, but it's not totally automatic. It's kind of a step down from the automatic box. It has a foot petal so every once in a while I can kind of walk by and step on it and it'll rake the litter clumps into a container that I can detach and throw away once it's full. This is a great concept, and I hope Taz and Cally take to it, especially since I didn't watch the video for the box until after I'd taken down the old box. In the video they say that you shouldn't remove the old box until the cat gets used to the new one. I wouldn't have had room for both boxes anyway though, so I just really hope they start using it. I put Taz in it a little while ago to see what would happen and he kind of did this little dance thing and ran out as fast as he could. So, everyone cross your fingers that these two will do the smart thing and use the box and not the floor in front of it?

Oh, and at some point I've got to post a new picture. A couple of weeks ago a friend and I were cleaning out a closet and Cally took the opportunity to climb in and make herself at home on one of the shelves with a bunch of my sweaters. It was absolutely adorable, and of course I made sure I got a picture.

Well, that's about it for now. I want to post this and go hang out with some people for a while. Later.
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