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Need Some Help

Hey everyone. I need to ask for some help from my readers. On May 11th I'm doing a presentation on technology, and taking some of the intimidation out of it for older people. So, what I need is this. I need to find a couple of good jokes about technology. I'd love to find something with adaptive tech stuff, but I'll take anything. It'd be kind of nice to make this a contest and I'll pick the one or two that I think are the best. The thing is, I have nothing to offer for a reward, so there's really no motivation, except that you'd really be helping me out. So, please leave your jokes in the comments section, and if you're so inclined, feel free to link this post to your own entries if you think that you may know people who could help me. My audience, from what I gather, is primarily going to be older people, so what I say has to be clean. So, please help? Thanks.

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