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All Kinds of Random Stuff

Well, here I am again, and I've got a lot of pretty pointless stuff to talk about today. SMILE! Yesterday was semi-productive. I totally messed up in the morning though. I had my doctor appointment, and even though I'd written down 9:15, and it was right there on my calendar, I couldn't get 10:15 out of my head. I got there a little bit before 10:00, and I was lucky that they decided to take me late. Believe me, I really appreciated that. If I'd had to pay for a cab to get me there and back I would have been extremely unhappy if I couldn't be seen.

While there, I took a huge step. I mentioned my concerns about my hearing, and I've got a hearing test scheduled for the 14th of May. I do fine pretty much one-on-one, but when I have more than one person, or if there's a lot of background I really am starting to struggle. I got my two evaluation calls out of the way and could hardly hear one of them. I cranked the volume up on my phone, and I still had to ask him several times to repeat himself. Yesterday morning a bunch of us were talking about the extremely high cost of medication, and someone made a comment that I completely misunderstood, and I swear he was talking about selling a certain part of his anatomy. So, I think it's time to look into things. So, we'll see how that goes. I could have gotten in sooner, but the times they had I'm scheduled to be out of town at conferences and things.

As I said before, I got the two evaluations done. Well, not completely done, but I got one completely done and the second one I got the phone call done. I wrote up the report this morning and sent it off so now I can have my weekend free, other than the PAC Mate GPS thing this afternoon.

Now, for a little bit of logic 101. They decided yesterday to clean all the carpets in the common areas in this building yesterday afternoon. That's fine since I'm sure they really needed it. But, what most of us can't figure out is why they did it now. In about two weeks they're going to be repainting all the walls. Now, logic would suggest that you'd want to do the painting first and then clean the carpets, right? Well, I guess things just aren't happening that way. Oh, and last night was rather interesting too. I went up to another apartment to hang out with some people and we were talking. Then she got a phone call from someone else in the building. Apparently someone tripped over a useless curb thing out in front of the building and broke two bones in her foot. She's not able to walk or anything at the moment, and I can't even imagine the pain. Then there was this other thing, but as usual I have to give some background information first.

All the apartments in this building have refrigerators with built-in ice makers. This is extremely nice because we don't have to carry ice cube trays around and things. Unfortunately though, a couple of months ago someone's maker started having problems. She didn't say anything to management, and there was a major water problem. She's on second floor, and water went down to the first floor and, I think, the basement. So, they had to fix a lot of things like the walls. They also had to take up part of the carpet and put fans by the area to dry things out.

So, yesterday when they did the carpet cleaning, the glue on the part of the carpet that had been taken up must have come loose because there was a big section of carpet that was getting all bunched up. So, they're going to have to fix that now. Fun stuff, huh? SMILE!

Cally has started a couple of new things. I've written about her love of water, but now she's taking it a step further. I've got one of those grab bars on the side of my tub that I bought to give me something to hang onto while getting in and out of the tub. When I go to get out after a shower, I open the curtain and grab my towel off the rack next to the tub. I dry off before stepping out, which keeps the floor from getting soaked. So, when it comes to my feet, I grab onto the bar and put one foot on the side of the tub to dry it before stepping out. Well, Cally has decided that she likes licking the water off my toes. It is the weirdest sensation to have a cat licking your toes, but it's pretty funny too. Then, there's her second new thing. I woke up at about 6:00 AM this morning and went onto my computer. I hadn't gotten dressed or anything, so didn't open the blinds. Cally likes to look out the window, and when she doesn't have it she gets a little irritated. So, she was apparently sitting on the window sill and she's learned how to block my XM antenna signal. So my music kept going in and out, which drove me nuts. So she finally got her windows, and the music has been fine ever since. The crazy things my two do!

I made myself chicken and rice last night, so I'll have something quick to eat for the next couple of days. It came out kind of strange though because I had to turn the oven way down for a while during my second evaluation call, and then I think I ended up overcooking it. So the chicken is a little more dry than I like, and the rice is somewhat more mushy, but it's still edible so I can't complain too much.

Well, speaking of food, I think it's time to go find some so I'm going to get out of here for now. Later everyone. Oh, and good luck to imafarmgirl and johnmill79 in LJ Idol. I was shocked to see both of you in the bottom 5.

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