Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Testing a New Client Again

Okay, this is kind of cool. I've decided to try posting with a client again, and I chose to try LochJournal. It seems to be pretty good so far but it's kind of acting funny in this edit box. (Of course it would have helped if I were actually in the correct box. I wrote this entire entry in the subject field. Can everyone say oops?) So, I guess we'll see. Anyone have any experiences with with this program? I just never seemed to have a lot of luck with Semagic, and I wanted to find something that would give me a few more options than email posts. I may attempt to create some basic scripts for this program to make it easier to start a new post or whatever, but we'll see. Well, I can't press enter to create a new paragraph. This is definitely intere3sting. Anyway, in case I don't get the chance this weekend, I wanted to wish johnmill79 good luck with his trip to Boston on Sunday. I hope things go well. Okay, I'm out for now. Again though, any experiences with LochJournal would be great. Thanks.

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