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It's Getting Closer ...

I just had to post this because I'm kind of counting down the days. I just checked out to see what date they were up to and discovered that I'll be able to purchase my bus ticket for the 2007 ACB convention on or around the 25th of May. So, by the end of this month I'll have everything set to go for the most part. Look out Minneapolis! I'm coming! SMILE!

Anyway, I just had to post that. And now, I need to make sure I'm packed. Oh, and yes, I have a second cell charger since my charger for my old phone works on this new one, so I keep a charger in my suitcase at all times now, and the Book Port is packed as well. I suppose I should probably slip in an extra set of batteries though just in case. I got about 67 hours of listening time off the last set I had in there, and that included both a book from Audible and regular reading. I couldn't believe it! Okay, I'm gone. More later, hopefully.

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