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I DID IT!!!!!!

Hey everyone! Well, I'm done, and I'm happy to report that everything went really well. Someone was taking pictures during my presentation and I was kind of wondering why and I found out after I was done. I'm really glad I didn't know before or I really would have been nervous. First though, let me explain a little bit about the Wisconsin Council.

The council consists of 19 members from around the state. There are ten members from four different organizations; three from the Alumni Association of the Wisconsin School for the Visually Handicapped, three from the Badger Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired, three from the Midwest Association; (hopefully soon to be the new Wisconsin ACB affiliate), and one from the Blind Vendors Association. The other nine members are delegates at large, some of which are appointed and some are voted in by the people in the state. I am one of the three members representing the Badger Association. The Council has been around for quite a long time, and they do different things; advocacy in certain situations, work with legislators to get bills past, so on and so forth.

So anyway, that's basically the Council. Once my presentation was over, the Council lobbyist came up to me and told me that I'd made history. In the history of the Council, no Council member has ever given a presentation on technology. Apparently there's going to be an article written about it or something. So, needless to say, I am totally pumped now! SMILE!

In other news, I'm sitting here in my hotel room now and I have about two and a half hours before I have to be anywhere else. We're going to a restaurant that is supposed to serve really good food. That's good because the lunch was pretty small. I chose to have an open-face steak sandwich. It had veggies on it which I immediately removed, a fairly good piece of steak, and this really good spicy mustard stuff. The bread was toasted. It was a good sandwich, but it was pretty small, so I'm starting to get hungry again. It's definitely been a great day though!

Well, I think I'm going to post this email now and read through my friends page. I haven't done that since sometime yesterday and if I'm not mistaken, the voting for LJ-Idol should be open by now so I've got some voting to do. Later everyone!


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