Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Oppositional Disorder?

This is going to be quick since I have to leave in a couple of minutes but I just had to do this. I just got done reading through my list emails. On one particular list I'm on there's a guy who, for whatever reason, doesn't seem to be happy unless he's complaining about something. He complained because he chose not to pre-register for his state ACB convention and therefore didn't get any of the convention materials in braille. Then, because people started telling him that he should have registered in advance so that they'd know how many braille copies to make he started calling people NFB wannabee's. To me, it would just be common courtesy to let people know in advance if you needed accommodations.

Anyway, I know this is pointless, but it just really bothered me. Who knows, I may decide to put him on my blocked sender's list but we'll see. Now though, I've got to grab my stuff and get out of here so I can buy more bus tickets. Later.

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