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Hearing Test Results

Hey everybody. Well, the day of the test has arrived. I had great luck getting a cab this morning and got to the hospital earlier than expected which was good, because it seemed to take forever to find a volunteer to take me up to the audiology department. I got there, checked in, and only waited a couple of minutes for them to call me back. I went right into the sound booth and they set me up. Things have definitely changed in the last several years when it comes to hearing tests. I remember the days of those huge tight headphones that practically squeezed all the blood out of my head, and having to raise my hand whenever I heard a beep. Now though, they handed me a button that kind of reminded me of a hospital call button, clipped something to the shoulders of my shirt, and inserted earplugs that expanded to fill my ear canals. The tones were the same as always, and I just had to push the button rather than raising my hand. When it came to the words, they had them extremely soft. I could hear the voice, but couldn't make out more than two or three of the words. Then they increased the volume and had me repeat other words, and then redid some of the tones. The lady came back in at that point and put something else on me, the left side was behind my left ear and the right side was in front of my right ear. It seemed to somehow amplify the sounds a little, but they didn't spend a lot of time on that. Finally she came back in and put this thing in my ear that made a constant humming sound. I know what it's called, but I'm not even going to attempt to spell it, but the idea behind it is that it tests the vibrations of my ear drums.

At the conclusion of the tests, I was informed that my hearing is normal. It's on the low end of normal, but it's normal. I know I should be happy about this, and I almost hate to even say anything at all because there are people who have much more severe problems than me, but I'm going to say it anyway. Despite what the test is showing, I still truly believe there's a problem. I know how well I used to hear, and this isn't normal for me. So, I don't know what will come next. I go back to see my regular doctor next month, and I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, I think I'm going to go for now, and maybe I'll write more later.

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