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“Alright let's try this again. The 1st time I posted I, actually I'm hung up the phone & it posted privately & I didn't want that so anyway. I've been in front of my computer all day & I just don't feel like typing but I wanted to do an update anyway cos pretty cool stuff happened or whatever so. 1st of all I just wanted to say that I bought the cards that we've been talking about. The little LG mini cards, they are like most cards but you can customize them & has your LG address & so on & so forth. So I'm hoping that those will come, it says 10 business days so I'll see & I got them in blue & green & pink & red I think. So it will be interesting to see how those turn out. The other thing that I just thought was really kind of neat that I got to do today, while working with 1 of my clients. I actually got to touch an iguana. This thing was probably about 3 feet long & apparently she really, really like attention. But I didn't even know if they had legs, y'know I just kind of assumed they just kinda crawled around like a snake or whatever. But they are, they are interesting & y'know it wasn't slimy or anything, it was really neat. So I thought that I would tell you all about that. Anyway I am going to go & probably lay down cos I'm tired so I will talk to everybody later, bye.”

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