Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

My Saturday

Well, I ended up not making potato salad. After posting my other entry I did go and do the dishes, or rather, the dishwasher did most of the dishes, and I did a couple of things by hand. Then I decided that I was going to do my laundry because I want the next two days to be completely lazy days. Tomorrow I plan to sit around all day cuddling with Taz and Cally and doing whatever else I want to do, and Monday I've been invited to a little party-type thing with food on the grill and all kinds of other good stuff. Once I finished the laundry I went to hang out in the lounge for a while and people started talking about this delivery place that apparently has good pizza. I decided that it sounded like something worth checking out so I called. The guy that answered knew the address of this building very well, and was more than willing to go over some of the food choices since I'd never ordered from there before. I ended up getting an order of deep fried mushrooms, and some lasagna and garlic bread. Now I'll have enough food for tomorrow too so I don't have to even do much cooking accept for warming up the mushrooms and lasagna in the oven. I don't want to use the microwave to heat the mushrooms, and the lasagna is in a metal container and I really don't feel like starting any fires, so it'll be the oven. I'm really picky about my lasagna. Normally I like a thicker consistency where it holds together really well. This was definitely not a thicker sauce, but I was happy to notice that there weren't any big chunks of tomato or onion or anything, and the tomato sauce wasn't overpowering. So, all in all it was a really good meal, albeit a rather late one since I didn't get to eat until about 9:00. Now I'm just sort of letting the food settle before I go to bed.

While doing my laundry this afternoon I started reading Crisis by Robin Cook. I know that at least one of you has read Marker, (or at least I think so), and Crisis is the sequel to that one. I've gotten both books from Audible, and they're read by George Gordell. I'm not particularly fond of his voice, but once I start getting into the book I don't really hear him anymore. That doesn't happen often, but I'm definitely glad when it does. So now I'm hooked on yet another book. I'll probably spend tons of time reading it tomorrow, but I need to watch four and a half episodes of The Young and the Restless first. I know, I'm a hopeless soap junkie. SMILE!

Anyway, I think I'm going to post this and get ready to go to bed. The bed is calling to me, and so is my Book Port. Later everyone.

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