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I can't be totally sure, but I suspect that I'm getting crank calls on my business phone. When I turned on my phone this morning I had one voicemail. Before listening to it I checked my email because I get a message there whenever I get a voicemail and it gives me information about the message, like if it's from an internal or external caller, the phone number, and the duration of the message. This particular message was received at about 11:30 last night, the number was unknown, and the duration was 1 second. No sooner had I cleared that out when my phone rang and it was from an unknown caller again. I picked it up and the caller was gone. I hung up and two seconds later they called again. When I picked up there was total silence for a second and then the caller hung up yet again. It's one thing to get these kinds of calls at home, but if someone's actually stupid enough to call me on my work number, especially if they're using the 800 number, they're really not very bright. It'll be interesting to see if this continues.

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