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Here's Your Sign

I'm waiting for a couple of documents that I need to put up on the web site, and while I'm waiting I thought I'd post this.

I've seen emails about interesting experiences at fast-food places, but I really never experienced it myself, until today. My driver and I were out working with a client, and on the way home we decided to go through the drive-through at McDonalds. I said that I wanted a double quarter pounder with cheese, no lettuce, no tomato, and no onion. The guy said that the QP's don't have lettuce, tomatoes, or onions. Okay, so I asked him what did come on the sandwich. He said that it was just ketchup, mustard, pickles, and onions. The smartass in me wanted to say, "But you just told me that onions didn't come on the sandwich." But, I decided to keep my mouth shut and said to leave off the onions then. So, here's your sign mister fast-food man. SMILE!

Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, I wanted to wish a belated happy birthday to imafarmgirl and I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself last night.

And now I'm gone. Later everyone.

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