Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Voice Post: Wireless Headset & LJ Cards!

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“Hmmm, I see that Mister Auto Transcriber fell asleep on the job once again even though this voice post wasn't even 2 minutes long, so here's me once again to do my duties of transcribing voice posts! Well, tazcat here is using her new wireless bluetooth headset for her cell phone to do this voice post and wants to see how it comes out! She also mentions how her LJ cards came today but they're a little bit smaller than business cards and wel there's like 25 of them in a package and she ordered like 4 different colors of them and yeah she thinks it's really cool that they finally came! And then one of the kitty cats comes into the room I think it is Cally and well then she lets everybody know that she'll do a text entry later with news about the last couple of days but for now she decides to end her post and with that, she does!”

Transcribed by: celrock

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