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Voice Post: Tazcat's Weekend!

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“In this particular voice post, she talks about her beginning of the weekend! She went to her friends where she got to see the baby who she thought was soooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute! She even watched him for a few hours while the mother had some things to go do. He did wake up a couple of times but tazcat here just comforted him in the rocking chair until he fell back asleep again and he finally fell asleep by about 9:30 and awoke at around a quarter to 5 the following morning, so overall, he managed to sleep pretty well which was good! He even took a couple of napts throughout the day which was sort of interesting too! Then she went to the concert, and while things were running late, they managed to get there for the singer she wanted to hear and she even got a few clips on her phone! She also enjoyed some time before the concert playing around on the computer with the woman's husband, who works for Freedom Scientific, and he hadn't had a chance to try this imbosser thingy, which didn't work on his comp so he used tazcat's to play around with it. Now, back to the concert news. While the concert wasn't all that bad, it was rather entirely too loud for tazcat's ears to handle all that well! And while she originally planned to stay another night at her friends, they offered to drive her home so she went on ahead and accepted the offer and came back home. So now she's home safe and sound and she decides to end the post before having to go out into the hall of her apartment building to take care of something.”

Transcribed by: celrock

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