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Hey everyone. I just wanted to post this between laundry loads. As of today, I have officially been using Live Journal completely for one year. This is, for you long-time readers, a record for me. I think Blogger lasted about four or five months, and then Wordpress lasted about that long or maybe a little less. So, I've actually managed to stay in one place for a full year! A lot has happened in that year, some good and some not so good, but I've loved having the opportunity to share many parts of my life with others, vent about things if I'm having a bad day or a frustrating experience, share funny or cute things that have happened to me, learn about other people and cultures, and in many cases, even hear people's voices. My paid account was billed for another year, and I'm ready to go. So, here's to another year, even if it's not New Years!

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