Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

I'm up and Running!

Hey everyone. Well, I finally did get my wireless card today and it's working great. I'm glad since now I'll potentially have two ways of getting online in Minneapolis; either my laptop or my PAC Mate. Apparently a few people were having problems getting this particular card going on their units, but I didn't have any problems so I see that as a good thing. I was a little hesitant going with Ambicom again since I've had so many problems with their cards in the past, but this one is a different model, so I'm hoping that it'll work better and longer than the others I've had. It's just so nice to be back up and running with this after about four or five months with no working card!

Well, I should really get to sleep. Tomorrow's Friday, and I've still got to work. Saturday I'm going to my friend's niece's high school graduation party, and I'm looking forward to that. My friend has the most amazing family, and as much as I normally detest these kinds of things, her family does everything possible to include me and make me feel welcome, so I don't end up sitting off in a corner somewhere pretending to have a good time. I have no plans for Sunday this time, so I'm going to stick around here and relax. So, that's it for now. Later everyone!

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